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SUNHUAN CONSTRUCTION PTE LTD was incorporated in 1993 by our CEO Mr Sun Lai Fong. Our business includes design, build and management of construction projects. We provide quality sustainable construction together with good project management and innovative construction ideas for both private and public projects.

Our projects comprise of Residential, Upgrading, Alteration and Addition, Institutional, Commercial, Industrial and Civil Engineering.

Sunhuan Construction is also gaining a strong foothold in land redevelopment and infrastructure investment opportunity as a developer. Future growth expansion is possible with the development of joint ventures and acquisitions. Other services include offering construction solutions and support services.

OUR COMPANY LOGO Our logo comprises of two elements; the interlocking S-H symbol and the logotype with the words SUNHUAN. The S-H symbol is derived from the ‘S’ and ‘H’ of SUNHUAN and acts as a strong identifier of our name. This symbol forms a complete foundation stone when brought together holistically. It jointly signifies the collective team spirit and the close mutually reinforcing relationships that SUNHUAN CONSTRUCTION seeks to always build and deepen with our stakeholders Both the vibrant charismatic Red and deep navy Blue colours hold deep personal significance for our CEO, Mr Sun Lai Fong. A common colour across the China and Singapore flags, this vibrant charismatic Red is a visual reminder of how long the journey both Mr Sun and Sunhuan Construction have come from early days as a relative unknown to the confident mark it has made today. The deep navy Blue connotes stability, and signals metaphorically the vastness of the wide open sky, where still so many opportunities await to build better homes and connect communities worldwide. Our company name SUNHUAN has the following meaning. SUN “山峰青松展雄风”refers to the stability and strength of a mountain while HUAN “环宇五洲广夏成‘” stands for the boundless global opportunities surrounding us. Vision and Mission Statement Vision We build homes and connect communities Mission To be the preferred partner of our stakeholders by providing sustainable and cost-effective integrated building solutions OUR STRENGTHS Our strengths that stand apart distinctly from our competitors as follow: PRODUCTIVITY AND SUSTAINABILITY PRODUCTIVITY We invest heavily to improve on the productivity of our business as this is the niche for the construction industry to grow steadily. Sunhuan Construction has it’s own precast yard for precasting of components that supply to HDB projects. It allows us to enjoy significant and sustainable cost benefits as compare to our peers in this industry We also have our own comprehensive and proprietary Management Information System (MIS). This system enabled us to achieve a systematic workflow on our processes such as project progress, tender documents, cash-flow status and construction details etc. There is also an internal message channel for effective sharing of information. Sustainability Sunhuan Construction has been working closely with industrial associates to improve on the sustainability of the buildings. This improvement can be shown in our award winning Platinum Green Mark for our new Headquarter in Tuas. This achievement is testament to our company’s effort to push for sustainability via the inclusion of specific energy efficient and environmental friendly features and practices. OUR PHILOSOPHY Our CEO’s philosophy in business brings it back to the incorporation of Sunhuan Construction Pte Ltd in 1993. His belief is ‘IT IS NOT HOW MANY TIMES YOU FALL BUT HOW MANY TIMES YOU GET UP’. Basing on this strong belief, Sunhuan Construction has overcome many hurdles during this 20 over years in the industry. It is the perseverance, endurance and strong believes in our philosophy that brings Sunhuan Construction to this height and also into the future.